Sky Above Clouds

„The Earth reminded us of a Christmas tree ornament hanging in the blackness of space. As we got farther and farther away it diminished in size. Finally is shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful marble you can imagine. That beautiful, warm, living object looked so fragile, so delicate, that if you touched it with a finger it would crumble and fall apart. Seeing this has to change a man, has to make a man appreciate the creation of God and the love of God.“
James Irwin

Blauer Planet IV – Wolkenwirbel
Blauer Planet III – Mondlandschaft
Blauer Planet II – Wolkenmeer
Blauer Planet I – Weltall
In orbit I
Earthscape I
Sky above clouds VII
Sky above clouds VI
Sky above clouds V
Sky above clouds IV
Sky above clouds III
Sky above clouds II
Sky above clouds I